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Did you have a WORK injury?

Chiropractor for WORK INJURIES

f you have a work injury and you are suffering any level of pain in your neck or back, you may consider Chiropractic care from Dr. Trevor Nabholz. We treat many people suffering of uncontrollable pain, here at Everett Accident & Injury Clinic we’re ready to treat your injuries. Dr. Nabholz is a certified chiropractor that will treat you and your family’s work injuries. Call us today for your free consultation!

You may be suffering neck whiplash

Lawyer Referrals

If the inadequate condition of your work place caused your injury, you may need a chiropractor but legal help is also necessary. Everett Accident & Injury Clinic are committed to help patients on their complete recovery and when you need legal advice we can refer you to many honest lawyers.

Worker compensation

If you have a work injury you may be able to request worker compensation. If this is the case, a lawyer can increase your possibilities of receiving a full compensation. Our staff will work with your lawyer and present all the paper work and proofs necessary and apply for your compensation.

We can:

Provide you and your lawyer all the paper work with dates and visits with us in addition to the full diagnostic of your health condition, treatments included necessary to heal your work injuries and estimate the time it will take to return to your job.

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Your work injuries require immediate attention, soon after your accident you need to present a  compensation work lawsuit. We are here to help you, Call Us.

Everett Accident & Injury Clinic will be pleased to refer you to a competent and honest lawyer who can protect your rights and get a fair solution once you have completed your medical treatment.

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